EB-5 виза-как инвестировать

Как инвестировать, чтобы получить визу EB-5?

Если вы инвестируете в региональный центр EB-5 проекта в Беркли, это краткое объяснение процесса инвестирования в один из наших EB-5 проектов.

Что EB-5 инвесторы должны иметь инвестировать, чтобы получить EB-5 Visa:

  1. You need to have $900,000 ($1.8 million for non-TEA) available to invest;
  2. You need to be able to show the lawful source of the capital investment available;
  3. You will need to pay fees to various service providers including USCIS, immigration attorney’s the Regional Center Sponsor etc. (Maximum estimate of $80,000 total) Sometimes discounts are available if you speak with us directly and discuss your case;
  4. You need to be able to wait about 15-18 months to get I-526 approval and then 4-6 months to receive the greencard1;
  5. You will need to pass normal government background checks for criminal, political or financial activities in your personal history;
  6. You will need to have accredited investor status.

Что EB-5 инвесторы должны сделать , чтобы инвестировать в наш EB-5 проекта, чтобы получить визу EB-5:

  1. Setup an initial consultation with Behring and the Berkeley Regional Center to discuss your case;
  2. Provide your financial information to Behring to show you meet accredited investor requirements;
  3. Request your EB-5 project offering documents and read them fully. Ask questions as needed;
  4. Sign the subscription documents for the EB-5 project;
  5. Transfer the capital investment to an escrow account where the funds are held safely by a third party according to the escrow agreement;
  6. Hire an immigration attorney (Behring and BRC can recommend qualified immigration attorney’s if needed);
  7. Create a source of funds report;
  8. File your I-526 petition through our immigration attorney.

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