Source of Funds

EB-5 Source of Funds Now Accepts Unsecured Loans

USCIS Breakthrough Ruling It was released that USCIS’ EB-5 program is now accepting unsecured loans as a valid source of funds. EB-5 source of funds now accepting unsecured loans is a monumental shift in USCIS adjudication attitude. Previously all loans must have been sourced or with the investors own equity. This limited the arrangements to

EB-5 Source of Funds Report Basics

A Source of Funds report is required with all EB-5 investor I-526 petitions. We saw a great article in EB-5 Investors Magazine written by David Hirson (Founder of David Hirson & Partners LLP) that explains the concept better than I ever could. Here is the full article for your reference. View the original article here.