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Diversified EB-5 Fund Secured by 12 San Francisco Bay Area Multifamily & Student Housing Assets

EB-5 Industry Leading Features:

– HUA Visa Set-Aside Qualified at $800,000

– Behring’s 100% USCIS Approval History

– Multifamily & Student Housing (U.C. Berkeley) 

– San Francisco Bay Area | Berkeley & Oakland

– Mixed Portfolio of Senior/Mezz Debt Structures

– 9:1 Ratio – Guarantors Net Worth vs Avg Debt

– Expedited Performance | Cash Flowing in 2024

Date: Tuesday August 15th @ 4PM PST to learn about Behring’s New EB-5 Investment Offering: 




DATE | TIME: Tuesday August 15th @ 4PM PST

Immigration is a Life Changing Decision, Who Do You Want by Your Side?

Behring’s EB-5 brand continues to rise after our federal court victories protected over 40,000 investors and our legislative efforts contributed to the signing of the 2022 EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act. Working with the Behring Team gives you direct access to award winning developers, immigration attorneys and even a former USCIS adjudicator.

Free consultation with expert immigration attorneys and former USCIS adjudicator

File faster using EB-5 Investor Loans up to $300,000 (Includes SOF Package)

Get EAD (Work Authorization) in as little as 100 days with concurrent filing

Phase your investment over time with partial capital contributions and installment plans 

3 investment options to customize your risk and return targets 

Monitor your investments with our institutional quality investor portal  

Why Behring is the most trusted name in EB-5 Investment

Here is why Behring has been chosen by hundreds of Investors, Immigration Attorneys and Brokers from over 30 countries.

Successful EB-5 Track Record

Our management team has over $6 Billion in real estate experience and perfect EB-5 approval history.
  • Over $1.2 billion in EB-5 Projects since 2013
  • 100% USCIS approval history 1
  • Over 5,000 EB-5 jobs created
  • Over 200 Investors from 30 Countries
  • 2021 – Investor I-829 filings and repayments began and all exiting investors have received 100% of invested capital and preferred returns.

EB-5 Industry Leadership & Innovation

Behring is world famous for its projects, strategies and a court case that saved the EB-5 industry.
  • Member of Real Estate Roundtable, top 100 leading US real estate firms
  • Member of the EB-5 Investment Coalition
  • 1st EB-5 firm to develop installment payment options (2017)
  • 1st EB-5 firm to offer customizable investment options (2018)
  • 1st EB-5 firm to provide a licensed lending company to help finance EB-5 investors initial investments (2019)
  • 1st EB-5 Regional Center to provide an Integrity Pledge, the EB-5 industry’s highest commitment to transparency, responsibility and investor trust ever issued
  • Successfully litigated USCIS to vacate the 2019 Modernization Regulations and save the EB-5 industry (2021)
  • Successfully litigated USCIS to enable EB-5 investors to file new I-526 petitions (2022)

Trophy Quality Projects

Institutional quality residential real estate investments located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Choose between residential apartments, student housing, mixed-use construction projects where construction completion and job creation are guaranteed.

Market Leading Protections & Guarantees

Behring knows how to structure investments to minimize risk while protecting returns.

  • Construction Completion Guarantee

    Construction Completion Guarantee

    We require construction completion guarantees on all projects to ensure proper delivery of the project

  • Job Creation (Indirect) Guaranteed

    Job Creation (Indirect) Guaranteed

    Construction & indirect job creation (RIMS-II) alone meet 100% of the job creation

  • I-526 Approval Money Back Guarantee

    I-526 Approval Money Back Guarantee

    Your I-526 petition will be approved or you are refunded 100% of your capital investment and fees

Learn from Behring’s EB-5 YouTube Channel with Over 4.5 Million Views

Learn how to hack the EB-5 process from Behring’s executive team. We have built the best library of EB-5 video content in the world. See quick-hitting introductory videos or detailed walkthroughs on EB-5 processing times, filing strategies, projects, policy updates, and more.


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