Minimize Risk And Prioritize Security With Our “Max Protection” Offerings

The Max Protection offerings provide Behring Regional Center’s strongest set of investor protections and guarantees to minimize investment risk and prioritize return of capital

Maximum Protections

Ideal for the investor who is seeking to get their greencard with as little risk as possible. These Loan-Style investments are optimal because the loan terms can be designed to have fixed investment amounts, fixed returns and fixed exits.

Preferred Rates start at 0.25%

Having high priority in payment of preferred return and and return of capital add high certainty to loan style investments.  Preferred Returns are typically lower than preferred equity and common equity as it represents the decreased risk.

5 Year Initial Term

Loan-Style investors are committed to an initial 5-year term, sufficient for most multifamily investment assets to go full cycle, stabilize rents, and re-finance. After the 5-year initial term investors can be repaid1.

Loan Style Investment

As a lower risk option, the investment documentation is structured as a construction loan and has very strict covenants, restrictions, and collateral pledges.

Escrow Account Protection

Funds are held in safely in a 3rd party escrow account until 100% of all loan closing conditions are met.

Fixed Terms, Fixed Exit

The Debt style investments have the most strict investment provisions and the highest degree of certainty where the investment, returns, and exit are fixed.


Investment Vehicle

Debt style investments have their own individual entities and isolated securities offerings separate from the preferred equity and common equity options.

Highest Priority

Return of Capital

Debt investors have the highest priority return of capital and essentially the lowest risk out of all the BRC investment vehicles2.

Relaxed Capital

Call Schedule

No need to invest the full amount upfront; investors can file an I-526 and get started with as little as $50k.

EB-5 Presentations, Videos & Seminars


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    Max Protection Overview Deck

    Download our Max Protection presentation to learn about the detailed strategy and investment opportunity.

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    Legacy Fund EB-5 Overview Deck

    Download the introductory slide deck explaining the EB-5 Legacy Fund and how it works

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    Behring EB-5 Overview Deck

    Download the an introductory deck explaining Behring Investments

EB-5 Personal Investment Planning

A 5-minute call can save you 5 days of worthless internet browsing and misleading articles about EB-5, it’s potential and limitations.  Our team of experts you will have access to includes in-house immigration attorneys, developers, investment bankers and more. Make an appointment for free and get the expert help you need.

What You Will Learn

  • Are you eligible for EB-5?
  • What are the requirements for EB-5?
  • Is EB-5 your best path to a greencard?
  • What are the cost and fees for YOUR case?
  • Learn about the Schedules and Timelines for EB-5
  • How to find steep discounts to fees
  • What is an EB-5 Regional Center and how do they help?


EB-5 Projects

A Simple EB-5 Strategy: Simple Investments,
Simple Job Creation, Simple Approvals…


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The RISE Fund is a Behring Regional Center sponsored diversified multifamily housing fund developed by Riaz Capital. Achieve next-level investment security of a Portfolio Loan approach into a 14–Asset multifamily apartment portfolio located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Features & Benefits
  • Diversified Multi-asset Income Fund (14 Assets)
  • Smaller, Faster, Lower Risk to Deliver Assets
  • Mixed Portfolio of Senior and Mezzanine Debt Structures
  • 9:1 Ratio - Guarantor's Net Worth versus Average Debt
  • Cash flowing as of 2024
  • HUA Visa Set-Aside Qualified ($800,000 Investment Minimum)
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  1. Subject to USCIS EB-5 requirements being fully fulfilled and the investor being able to file the I-829 petition.
  2. Highest return priority refers to products within the BRC scope, investments are subject to subordination to senior lenders if any
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