Convert Your F1 Visa to EB-5.

The EB-5 Visa Helps Foreign Students go Direct to Green Cards Without an Employer (H1-B)

The F-1 Visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa and EB-5 is a permanent immigration solution. The EB-5 visa now allows for concurrent filing which can expedite the process to achieving an EAD or employment authorization document. Sign up for a free EB-5 investment planning session call with Behring’s team to learn how you can get started today.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Your F1 → EB-5 Process

Learn About the EB-5 Program, the EB-5 Process, Investment and Immigration Timelines, Costs, and More. By the End of our Session, You will also Learn:

How you can obtain EAD (Work Authorization) within as little as 6 months

How eligible investors can file an I-526 petition and I-485 adjustment of status concurrently

How an EB-5 application can make you a more attractive job candidate for future employers

How Behring projects go above and beyond minimum EB-5 job creation requirements 

3 different investment options: Debt, Preferred Equity and Common Equity 

How to choose the best immigration attorney for your source of funds report and EB-5 filings

How EB-5 Investor loans can help fund initial investments 

How EB-5 investors can use partial payment plans to get started quickly

The best source of funds strategies and tactics for smooth approvals

Why Behring is the most trusted name in EB-5 Investment

Here is why Behring has been chosen by hundreds of Investors, Immigration Attorneys and Brokers from over 26 countries.

Successful EB-5 Track Record

Our management team has over $15 Billion in real estate experience and a perfect EB-5 approval history1.
  • Over $800 million in EB-5 Projects since 2013
  • 100% USCIS approval history 2
  • Over 5,000 EB-5 jobs created
  • Over 200 Investors from 26 Countries
  • 2021 – Investor I-829 filings and Repayments Began and all exiting investors have received 100% of invested capital and preferred returns.

EB-5 Industry Leadership & Innovation

Behring is world famous for its projects, strategies, and a court case that saved the EB-5 industry.
  • Member of Real Estate Roundtable, top 100 leading US real estate firms
  • EB-5 Investment Coalition
  • 2021 Top 25 Developer – EB-5 Investor Magazine
  • 1st EB-5 firm to create EB-5 offerings systematically focused on residential construction with guaranteed job creation (2013)
  • 1st EB-5 firm to develop installment payment options (2017)
  • 1st EB-5 firm to offer customizable investment options (2018)
  • 1st EB-5 firm to provide a licensed lending company to help finance EB-5 investors initial investments (2019)
  • 1st EB-5 Regional Center to provide an Integrity Pledge, the EB-5 industry’s highest commitment to transparency, responsibility and investor trust ever issued
  • Successfully litigated USCIS to vacate the 2019 Modernization Regulations and save the EB-5 industry (2021)
  • Successfully litigated USCIS to enable EB-5 investors to file new I-526 petitions (2022)

Trophy Quality Projects

Institutional quality residential real estate investments located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Choose between residential apartments, student housing, mixed-use construction projects where construction completion and job creation are guaranteed.

  • 1900 Broadway rated top development site on the West Coast – CBRE (2018)
  • The Grad won the Grand Award for best student housing or faculty housing in the 2021 PCBC Gold Nugget Award competition

EB-5 Investment Options

Behring knows that every investor is different and needs a unique solution with customized risk and return profiles.

Behring’s Protections & Guarantees for New Projects

Behring knows how to structure investments to minimize risk while protecting returns.
  • Corporate Repayment Guarantee

    Corporate Repayment Guarantee

    BRC loan style investments require repayment guarantees, promissory notes or other sufficient security for EB-5 partnerships

  • Construction Completion Guarantee

    Construction Completion Guarantee

    We require construction completion guarantees on all projects to ensure proper delivery of the project

  • Job Creation (Indirect) Guaranteed

    Job Creation (Indirect) Guaranteed

    Construction & indirect job creation (RIMS-II) alone meet 100% of the job creation

  • Fully Committed

    Fully Committed

    Investments are moving forward, already under construction or have arrangements to ensure construction will begin

  • I-526 Money Back Guarantee

    I-526 Money Back Guarantee

    Your I-526 petition will be approved or you are refunded 100% of your capital investment and fees


Investor Resources

Access our entire library of over 10 Free EB-5 investor resources and presentations


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  1. USCIS final adjudicated petitions
  2. USCIS final adjudicated petitions