Why Work with Behring

“Behring Changed the Way EB-5 is Done Permanently…”

We created an “Investor Focused” platform for EB-5 investment that is simply unmatched by our rivals. Don’t Settle for Less… Some of our Amazing Features and Benefits:

3 EB-5 Investment Options

Every EB-5 Investor is different. Customize your risk/return targets by choosing among three different investment options: Debt, Preferred Equity or Common Equity.

Protection & Guarantee Packages

Investment options offer a variety of protection and guaranty’s including corporate repayment guaranty, equity pledges, completion guaranty and more.

Price-Match Guarantee on Fees

We have the most efficient low-cost EB-5 operating model in the industry and we can prove it by matching fees for any qualified offer. Make an appointment to chat and get the best deal possible.

San Francisco Bay Area Projects

We invest in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, the worlds #1 location for venture capital investment, incredible employment prospects and bright future in real estate investment.

Multifamily Apartment Investments

Safe, simple and secure; that is why we love multifamily apartments as an investment. It is a bonus that construction is the best job creator too.

World Class Development Partners

We work with the industries top developers who have substantial financial backing to ensure delivery of our EB-5 investment projects to market.

Invest Over Time (Installments)

There is no need to invest all at once and we can help you plan your EB-5 investment to work best for you and your personal financial situation.

Immigration Attorney Reviews

After helping hundreds of people with EB-5, we can tell you how to choose an attorney, which attorneys are worth their fees and which may lead to frustration.

Live Seminars & Webinars

We are constantly hosting EB-5 events for investor education and project introductions allowing our EB-5 investors every option to learn about the EB-5 program and how it works.

Consent Preferences