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Behring Sues USCIS (Again) to Enforce FOIA Requests to Promote Transparency

USCIS PROVIDING TIMELY PROCESSING DATA WILL PROMOTE EB-5 TRANSPARENCY AND ENHANCE INTEGRITY On April 29, 2024, Behring filed a complaint in federal court to compel USCIS to respond to Behring’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests submitted to gain greater clarity of EB-5 filing numbers and processes. Our goal is to increase USCIS transparency and

USCIS to Immigration Agents: Must File New Form I-956K

The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA) enacted new rules for third-party promoters, including foreign immigration agents to promote greater transparency and protection for EB-5 investors. RIA Requires Agent Transparency Specifically, the RIA provides that immigration agents, finders, broker dealers (foreign and domestic) “shall comply with the rules and standards prescribed by [USCIS] ...

Judge Approves Behring’s Settlement With USCIS

Yesterday, the judge approved the settlement with USCIS secured by Behring Regional Center and other EB-5 industry plaintiffs, officially closing the case. The judge’s approval places the EB-5 regional center program on solid ground and enables EB-5 investors to file their I-526E petitions with greater confidence. Watch Behring’s on-demand webinar to learn more about what

Behring Secures Settlement with USCIS: Regional Centers Maintain Designation

Today, Behring Regional Center and other industry plaintiffs entered into a settlement agreement with USCIS agreeing to reauthorize all existing regional centers approved prior to the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (“RIA”) passed in March. The parties filed the settlement agreement today; the court is expected to approve the settlement shortly. This settlement agreement will ...

Top 9 Things to Know about Behring Regional Centers EB-5 Lawsuit Victory

Behring's lawsuit scored a victory as the Court issued a preliminary injunction ordering EB-5's immediate start. Below is the top 9 things you need to know. Also, Register for Behring’s Webinar on Monday, June 27th at 4pm Pacific, Discussing the Ruling. Replay will be available to registrants. Register Now 1. I-526 petitions can be filed now, and ...

Behring Wins Preliminary Injunction Against USCIS

Today, the court issued its decision today in Behring Regional Center’s current lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction to stop USCIS from deauthorizing EB-5 Regional Centers. The court held that “Behring has made an exceedingly strong showing that the agency violated the APA. USCIS was almost certainly wrong in assuming that the Integrity Act affirmatively deauthorized existing

USCIS Surprises Behring with I-924 Exemplar Approval for BRC’s Legacy Fund

Another surprise emerged from Behring’s current lawsuit to stop USCIS’s deauthorization of EB-5 regional centers. Unbeknownst to Behring Regional Center, USCIS approved the I-924 exemplar for Behring’s Legacy Fund on April 1, 2021. Neither Behring Regional Center nor its counsel received notice of the I-924 exemplar approval. Behring investors already received I-526 approval for Behring’s

2nd Hearing Update: USCIS “May Have Committed Legal Error”

Yesterday, Behring Regional Center had its second hearing before the US District Court for the Northern District of California in its third lawsuit against USCIS. The hearing was scheduled after the Judge Chhabria requested both parties to file supplemental briefs to address further the question whether Congress intended to cancel the existing Regional Center Program ...
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