Trump Relaunches Bid to Overhaul US Immigration System

June 2nd, 2019 Peter Bibler

Recently, President Trump announced his intention to overhaul the US immigration system by shifting priority from family- and humanitarian-based immigration to skills- or employment-based immigration. A more detailed plan is expected in the weeks ahead, but several items outlined are similar to those found in the proposed 2017 RAISE Act, which purported to cut the annual number of visas by half and was publicly supported by Trump, but has been floundering in Congressional committee since.

Trump’s new proposal would maintain the overall annual number of visas issued each year, but the number allocated to each category would change drastically. The formula currently comprises of 12% skills-based, 66% family-based, and 22% humanitarian- or asylum-based. The Trump plan would change that calculation to 57% skill, 33% family and 10% humanitarian. The diversity visa lottery would be eliminated altogether. He also seeks to limit eligible family members to children and spouses. Visas under the skill-based category would be awarded points based on education, English language proficiency, and professional skills.

Notably absent from the rough outline is any provision for guest workers or for the status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to the US as children – something Democrats say is necessary for any meaningful chance at bipartisan immigration reform. Many commentators view the announcement as establishing a platform for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, yet Republican support is uncertain.

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