USCIS Processing Times Getting Longer

March 11th, 2016 Colin Behring

Unfortunately for the EB-5 investment world, it seems that USCIS processing times are becoming even longer. It is likely due to the massive rush that ensued during August and September before the Regional Center Pilot Program was set to expire. According to the USCIS website, it will be at least 16.2 months until anyone should expect to have their I-526 petition approved. Below is a screen shot of the processing times that USCIS posted on February 11, 2016 which were effective as of December 2015. The major question is that given this is an election year, will anything be done to assist the EB-5 program in becoming a more effective job creation program?

USCIS Processing Times USCIS Processing Times from December 2015 but posted in February.

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