RISE EB-5 Fund Sees Full Occupancy at Artthaus Six Apartments in Less than 9 Months

February 9th, 2024 Kyle Behring

RISE’s Strong EB-5 Investment Performance

Behring Co. and its RISE Fund is thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Riaz Capital’s Artthaus Six, a standout project in our RISE EB-5 Investment Portfolio. Achieving an impressive 95% occupancy in just 9 months of leasing, Artthaus Six exemplifies the performance and outstanding capability of Riaz Capital’s team, its 2B Living asset managment team and the excellence and strategic foresight that Behring’s RISE portfolio structure brings to the EB-5 investment world. With a total of 75 residences, the project surpassed internal targets for lease-up and rent rates. Artthaus 6 is one of now 15 different multifamily assets within the RISE fund portfolio investment.

Our RISE EB-5 opportunity, leveraging a diversified multi-asset portfolio approach, has been meticulously crafted to thrive in the post-2022 RIA policy landscape. Specializing in smaller, lower-risk multifamily apartment projects, the RISE Fund is designed to showcase the kind of positive, real-time performance seen with Artthaus Six. From the ground-breaking in September 2021 to completion in February 2023, the project’s expedited 18-month construction and subsequent rapid lease-up are testaments to our commitment to delivering substantial returns within USCIS’s newly lowered sustainment period and our industry leading 3-year repayment target for each asset.

Behring’s unique EB-5 strategy focuses on generating immediate cash flow and showcasing actual operating performance, distinguishing our projects from other “blind investments” that may take over five years to deliver similar results. Artthaus Six stands as a shining example of fully occupied, stabilized multifamily apartments, providing tangible value behind each EB-5 visa investment.

Despite challenging economic conditions, including rising interest rates and subdued capital market activities, Artthaus Six’s success signals Behring’s capacity to outperform in the EB-5 space. This achievement is just the beginning, with the RISE fund poised to bring forward a total of 14 assets showcasing similar potential.

The pipeline includes 2242 Magnolia, completed in August 2023 and nearing full occupancy, along with five more assets already under construction successfully creating over 600 jobs already. These projects, located in prime Bay Area, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland markets, are part of our commitment to offering more secure, diversified investment opportunities in multifamily, student housing, and workforce housing sectors. To get the full update on the entire portfolio and its performance, get qualified by our team of expert immigration attorneys and even a former USCIS adjudicator. After verification of your eligibility for the EB-5 program and accredited investor status for securities investment, you may receive the full presentation package.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Riaz Taplin and the Riaz Capital team for their exceptional work. Their dedication and expertise are driving forces behind the success of the RISE fund and its promising future.

Are you interested in EB-5 visa investments? Discover more about how RISE represents a unique EB-5 investment opportunity, secured by a robust portfolio of projects that promise not just returns but a stake in the vibrant future of the San Francisco Bay Area’s real estate landscape.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and explore how you can be part of this exciting journey.

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