Behring Co. Welcomes Greg Sheehan, Former USCIS Adjudicator to the Team

December 3rd, 2022 Colin Behring

Behring Co is excited to welcome Greg Sheehan as Director of EB-5 Investor Relations and USCIS Compliance. Greg was an adjudicator at IPO from 2018 to 2022 and developed extensive knowledge of this highly regulated space. He worked on Forms I-526 and I-829 for Regional Center and Direct Investments, he was on the Compliance team working on I-924 and I-924A filings and policy language and he most recently was on the initial team to roll out Form I-956. Beyond his adjudication role he was a Union Steward for the shop floor and contributed to the management – employee interface through the pandemic, furlough notices, and a program lapse.

In the private sector Greg is also an active member of the AILA EB-5 Committee where he brings his insight to the field in a post-RIA world which leaves many questions unanswered.

Prior to his work at EB-5 he was a Supervisory Immigration Services Officer at the Houston Field Office where he won the USCIS Individual Award for Innovation, using technology and asset management skills to improve the workflow for the floor, eventually resulting in a better employee experience for the benefit of their customers.

In 2016 when he was an Asylum Officer he was a crucial member of a Refugee Detail in Kigoma, Tanzania where he worked with UNHCR and the RAIO Component as the final decision maker on almost 1,000 decisions.

In his words, “The complexity of EB-5 may have walls but the depths are bottomless. It is the intersection of all three branches of Government and a critical option for both foreign investors and domestic job creators. I look around the space and see a group that wants to get it right. They want to learn and do the right thing, they want to be active.

Behring established themselves as a leader in this regard through their recent Federal Court victories which have truly helped to define the space as we know it today. Beyond their litigation strides I see them as a force on the leading edge of the EB-5 world because they have a forward thinking approach across many aspects of their product delivery. In some ways they are Silicon Valley’s answer to a complex field and I am thrilled to be a part of this robust enterprise.”

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