Does my EB-5 source of funds qualify for your San Francisco EB-5 investment?

March 5th, 2015 Colin Behring

Questions about EB-5 Source of Funds Reporting!

At the Berkeley Regional Center we love helping our EB-5 investors with all of their needs. One of the questions we get asked over and over again is if the EB-5 investor’s source of funds will qualify for your San Francisco EB-5 Investment? Firstly, all EB-5 investment requirements are the same regardless of location. Secondly, the answer is YES, if the funds were lawfully gained and can be verified, your source of funds will not be an issue in applying for EB-5 investment. If the EB-5 investor cannot verify the lawful source of the funds they wish to invest in their EB-5 project, then the answer is NO. If you are not sure HOW to verify those funds, then we can help you!


EB-5 Source of Funds does not have to be complicated:

Source of funds verification can come from anywhere that has documents! At the Berkeley Regional Center and the Behring Companies, we can help you verify your source of funds and get moving on your way to becoming an EB-5 investor in one of our San Francisco EB-5 projects. We actually have EB-5 projects all over Northern California so EB-5 investors have multiple choices. Here are some of the most common ways to document an EB-5 investors source of funds.

  1. Earned Income through salary or dividends
  2. Sale of stocks, bonds or other financial investments
  3. Sale of property or real estate
  4. Gifts (additional steps may be necessary to verify the gifter’s source)
  5. Loans (additional steps may be necessary)

We recommend talking with knowledgeable professionals about preparing a source of funds report and two of the groups that we have found strongest and extremely helpful is David Appel at Marcum Accounting ( and the folks at David Hirson & Partners. They can solve any EB-5 source of funds question for you!   Feel free to contact us and chat on the phone, Skype, wechat or whichever method you may prefer!