Suffolk Construction 1900 Broadway Progress Newsletter May 2020

May 22nd, 2020 Kyle Behring

PROJECT: 1920 – 1950 Broadway



Shoring & Excavation: March 2020 – Jan 2021
Foundations & Structure: Nov 2020 – Jan 2022
Exterior Building Finishes: May 2021 – March 2022
Interior Build-Out: March 2022 – Jan 2023
Substantial Completion: Jan 2023



Construction noise is permitted between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM M-F, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday (per Oakland ordinance).

Construction Phase – DEMOLITION/SHORING


As of May 10, 2020, continued removal of below grade foundations is ongoing along Broadway and against the Tapscott building south side of the property. There will be off haul of broken concrete debris from the project site through May 2020. Airborne dust will be monitored by devices on site to ensure clean air is maintained. Other dust mitigation such as spraying soil, covering stockpiles and street sweeping will occur on a regular basis.

Upon completion of the below grade obstructions along Broadway there will be other activity on site that represents the beginning stages of shoring installation. This includes steel soldier piles being installed along the perimeter of the project site. The shoring system acts as a support of the adjacent properties while the 1920-1950 site is excavated for the foundation and below grade parking structure. Actual excavation isn’t expected to begin until the next phase of construction coming in July 2020.

There are noise monitors installed around the neighborhood tracking the levels of noise produced. A report is being issued to the City of Oakland weekly.

There are vibration monitors installed within structures adjacent to the project site to ensure that no vibration generated from the construction activity influences any existing structure. Communication with adjacent properties is occurring daily as work commences.



The City of Oakland requires the closure of Broadway Sidewalk heading North bound between 19th and 20th. The Bart entry will remain open for the duration of all Construction activity; however, it will only allow access to 20th Street. There will not be any pedestrian traffic from 19th street to the Broadway station until the completion of the project.

BRT Temp Station Installation


The New planned BRT Station at 19th and Broadway will not open until post construction. Aiming to begin by May 18th, construction of a temporary BRT Station at 17th and Broadway will be underway. It will be operation during the complete duration of construction. We aim for the opening of the new temp station come June 2020.

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