Top News Sources Proving the San Francisco Bay Area is #1 Location for Long Term Investment (and EB-5 Investors!)

February 22nd, 2023 Colin Behring

Behring reiterates its strong conviction of supporting investment and EB-5 investment in the San Francisco Bay Area. The news is almost coming out daily how the San Francisco Bay Area is poised for a massive surge in job creation, economic growth and leading the nation into the future. Certain headlines will suggest that COVID definitely shook the ground we stood on for a short moment in time but when we invest, we look for long term viability. The San Francisco Bay Area is positioned with incredible strength for exactly that. Here are some incredible articles to shed light on what’s taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area:

    1. San Francisco Bay Area 2022 GDP Growth Ranks #1

    2. Are People Flocking Back To San Francisco? Here is What the Data Shows

    3. San Francisco’ Next Gold Rush is Already Here, and You’ve Been Using it for Years

    4. Despite Layoffs, Tech Industry’s Long Term Future Looks Bright

    5. What AI Economy Means for Cities

When looking for long-term viability, being a leader in attracting investment, job creation, being a source of incredible education (i.e. Stanford, U.C. Berkeley) and the #1 place for GDP growth says a lot.

Our EB-5 strategy of investing in multifamily housing to support this incredible eco-system still stands strong. for an EB-5 investor, here are the main take-aways:

      1. The Bay Area stands as #1 in attracting venture capital, has placed more investment in AI ventures than anywhere in the world and that will translate into MASSIVE JOB CREATION and economic growth. Low value jobs (even tech jobs) that were displaced and left the Bay Area, will likely suffer as a result.

      2. Our job creation model relies on construction of apartments, which is simply easy to control, easy to record, and comes with completion guarantees.

      3. The underlying investment is protected by the value of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, which if you look at Cap Rates, is almost the same low level of risk as U.S. Government Debt.

      4. Long term investment prospects are protected by California’s chronic lack of supply and inability to politically allow for construction of enough housing.  We don’t have the boom and bust cycles that you see in Florida and Texas where 20,000+ apartments can show up over night.</span

We will add more as time permits. Make an appointment with our team to discuss our new market reports for the multifamily rental markets and what that macroeconomic data reveals about future supply and demand in the Bay Area.