EB-5 Investment Sustainment Period Changed to 2-Years, 5 Year EAD Cards.

October 25th, 2023 Kyle Behring

On October 18th, Behring Regional Center hosted a webinar to discuss the latest updates in EB-5. Dive into key topics like USCIS’s new 5-year EAD card policy, changes to the 2-year sustainment period, and insights on Behring’s EB-5 investment opportunities. We will be publishing written articles later on this week but we wanted to get the video replay out as soon as possible. Check out our other content on the website to get more comprehensive updates on USCIS policy and EB-5 investment industry changes. Enjoy!

EAD Cards – 5 Year Validity

Check back later this week as we publish a written article explaining the recent change in the EAD card validity period and what it means for the EB-5 investment community. The content is already posted in the video above! Written article will be posted soon!

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