Behring Co. Announces Successful Milestone in Its Revolutionary Residential Income and Strategic EB-5 Fund (RISE)

January 18th, 2024 Kyle Behring

Date: 1/17/2024 

Location: Blackhawk, CA 

Behring Co., a leading real estate private equity and EB-5 Regional Center operator headquartered in Blackhawk, California, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement for its latest EB-5 investment offering, Residential Income and Strategic EB-5 Fund (RISE). As of the close of 2023, RISE has achieved a major milestone by fully funding 6 of its 14 assets, investing an impressive $25.29 million and creating over 574 full time jobs through development and construction activity.  

With an EB-5 market leading 3-year initial investment term, RISE seeks to facilitate a $128 million loan-style investment across a diversified portfolio of 14 residential assets in California. Anchored by three vital U.C. Berkeley student housing projects, this portfolio includes market rate multifamily and workforce housing initiatives across the San Francisco East Bay Area and San Diego. Crucially, all EB-5 funded projects under RISE qualify for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) new reserved visa or set-aside category (HUA), which is current for all countries.

According to Colin Behring, CEO of Behring Capital, “the Fund’s successful fast start is credited to a strong mix of features including its lower risk diversified strategy, residential housing focus and concurrent filing option capable of delivering U.S.-based EB-5 investors their Employment Authorization Document as fast as 90 days. The EB-5 offering has been incredibly popular with local H-1B tech industry employees and international university students seeking a U.S. green card.

”The EB-5 program and demand for investors has changed fast. After a data release by USCIS showed the rural visa set-aside category is destined to lose its priority processing for future investors from China and India due to country quota caps and backlogs, many investors are choosing the alternative HUA reserve category with high demand urban locations and lower risk asset types such as residential and student housing,” remarked Behring.  

Marking a pioneering step in the realm of EB-5 visa qualified funds, RISE exemplifies Behring’s unwavering commitment to improving the quality of EB-5 industry by offering diversification in an EB-5 debt-style offering. Sponsored by the Behring Regional Center, a USCIS designated EB-5 Regional Center with an 11-year legacy and an exemplary track record of 100% approval from USCIS for all its projects, Behring’s expertise is unparalleled. To date, Behring has or is actively sponsoring projects worth over $1.2 billion in development value. 

“RISE stands out with its diversified EB-5 debt-style project while uniquely offering a rapid 3-year initial term, leveraging the advantageous new “Sustainment Period” guidance set by USCIS” said Peter Bibler, Managing Director at Behring Capital.  

The RISE Fund is fortified with Behring’s market-leading protections and guarantees. These include a borrower corporate repayment guarantee, a construction completion guarantee, and a formidable I-526E approval or money-back guarantee, underscoring Behring’s commitment to investor security and confidence. 

Behring Capital LLC invites EB-5 investors, immigration agents, immigration attorneys, and other channel partners to explore this unparalleled investment opportunity. More information is available on Behring’s website or its YouTube channel. With over 6 million views, it is one of the most robust resources fully dedicated to EB-5 investment education, EB-5 news and EB-5 industry updates.  


About Behring Capital LLC: 

Behring Capital LLC and its subsidiary, Behring Regional Center, is a leading EB-5 investment sponsor and industry advocate, boasting a decade-long history of EB-5 success and innovation financing the development or investment into multifamily residential, student housing or mixed-use properties across the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and most of Northern California. Behring became a top trusted EB-5 brand worldwide following its multiple successful litigation victories against USCIS vacating the wrongful 2019 EB-5 Modernization Regulations and its 2022 lawsuit victory reversing the wrongful termination of all EB-5 Regional Centers. With a focus on strategic, residential investment opportunities, Behring has cemented its position as a trusted partner for investors seeking a U.S. greencard through investment. 


Contact Information: 

Colin Behring  


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