1900 Broadway May 2021 Project Update

Progress Summary As of May 2021, Over 490 jobs are projected to have been created to date from design, construction, and procurement, satisfying the minimum EB-5 job creation requirements for 49 EB-5 investors. Excavation on site has reached a depth of 30 feet Over 100 trucks per day off hauling soil (at peak production) View ...

USCIS Grants Expedited Processing and Officially Approves BRC Legacy Fund, EB-5’s Most Powerful Equity Fund Ever Launched.

Congratulations to the Behring Team and Welcome to a New Age of EB-5 Investment! Behring is proud to announce that USCIS has approved our first Legacy Fund investor’s I-526 petition. What's even more spectacular is that USCIS granted expedited processing for the investor's case, a first for Behring's EB-5 platform. This USCIS approval ratifies BRC ...

150-Year Wait for Indian Immigrants With Advanced Degrees

It is no secret that there is a huge amount of uncertainty regarding how long H1-B visa holders applying for U.S. permanent residence through the EB-2 category will have to wait to receive a green card. It is well documented that EB-2 applicants from India have a particularly long wait, with some estimates projecting more ...

EB-5 Source of Funds Now Accepts Unsecured Loans

USCIS Breakthrough Ruling It was released that USCIS’ EB-5 program is now accepting unsecured loans as a valid source of funds. EB-5 source of funds now accepting unsecured loans is a monumental shift in USCIS adjudication attitude. Previously all loans must have been sourced or with the investors own equity. This limited the arrangements to

USCIS EB-5 Modernization Rule Moves Forward

On February 22, 2019, USCIS sent the final version of Rule 1615-AC07, known as EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization Rule, to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review (https://www.reginfo.gov/public/jsp/EO/eoDashboard.jsp). While this is a significant step forward, OMB is under no legal deadline to complete the review. Once OMB completes its review, one of

USCIS One Step Closer to Limiting H1-B

USCIS proposal to stop providing work permits for H-4 spouses is one step closer to implementation. Last Wednesday, USCIS submitted its final proposal to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). After OMB completes its review, OMB will either (1) send it back to USCIS for revision, or (2) submit it for publication with the

USCIS just killed EB-5 expedited processing, naturally

USCIS I-526 Processing Times Will Likely Drop to 6 Months. Recent analysis of USCIS processing data revealed that I-526 adjudication will accelerate significantly. Our best estimate is that an I-526 petition filed in March 2019 will need approximately 6 months for adjudication. Our analysis can be viewed in our recently published article below: EB-5 I-526

EB-5 Regional Center Program Extended Through March 23rd, 2018

EB-5 Program Extended Through March 23rd, 2018: Do not Miss your Chance to Invest in EB-5   The EB-5 Regional Center program has been extended through March 23rd, 2018 as part of another continuing resolution proposed February 7th, 2018. After much debate, the U.S. Senate negotiated and passed a continuing resolution funding the government and federal

USCIS EB-5 Notice of Proposed Rule Making – Potential Changes to the EB-5 Program

USCIS creates Notice of Proposed Rule Making. The NPRM, available here, addresses several important policy issues including Targeted Employment Area (TEA) designation, minimum investment amounts, priority date retention, removal of conditions clarifications, and other miscellaneous changes. In addition to the proposed new regulations, the NPRM includes significant detail on the DHS policy making process, ranging