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Navigating the Risks and Realities of EB-5 Blind Investing

Navigating the Risks and Realities of EB-5 Blind Investing In the world of investment, knowledge is not just power—it is security, assurance, and, above all, the foundation for making informed decisions that will impact your entire family's immigration status. Unfortunately, for many EB-5 investors, this critical foundation seems to be built more on false hope ...

1031 Exchanges and Incompatibility with EB-5 Investments

Can I use a 1031 exchange to invest in an EB-5 investment? Many people ask us "Can I use a 1031 exchange to invest in an EB-5 investment? While there are always wide out-side and rare cases where it does work, for simple answer is "NO". Here is an explanation of why as well as ...

EB-5 Rural Project Reality: When is a Backlog Formed Vs. Announced?

In the complex world of EB-5 investments, understanding when a backlog is actually formed versus when it is officially announced is crucial, especially for investors from high-demand countries like China and India. The allure of rural projects and their supposed priority processing, and loose association to being key to a “speedy greencard” often blindsides investors

Strategic Actions for the EB-5 Industry to Compel USCIS Efficiency and Maximize Visa Carryovers

In the EB-5 investor industry, efficiently utilizing carryover visas from other EB categories is crucial. However, USCIS processing delays and bureaucratic inefficiencies often hinder this efficiency. This article proposes a structured approach starting with direct engagement with USCIS, followed by public advocacy, and considering litigation as the final step to ensure these valuable carryover visas

Strategies for EB-5 Visa Retrogression: A Guide for High-Demand Country Investors with a Focus on Concurrent Filing

For EB-5 investors from countries like China and India, navigating the challenges of visa retrogression is critical. Retrogression occurs when the demand for EB-5 visas outstrips the supply, leading to longer wait times. Understanding the factors that can mitigate retrogression and exploring indirect mitigation strategies, such as concurrent filing, is essential for investors from high-demand

The Real Risks to EB-5 Rural Projects

EB-5 Visa investment is back in full swing and this article talks about a new visa-set aside category for Rural based investments. More specifically, how to address the real risks to EB-5 rural projects. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a popular choice for foreign nationals seeking to obtain a green card for themselves and ...

Behring Co. Welcomes Greg Sheehan, Former USCIS Adjudicator to the Team

Behring Co is excited to welcome Greg Sheehan as Director of EB-5 Investor Relations and USCIS Compliance. Greg was an adjudicator at IPO from 2018 to 2022 and developed extensive knowledge of this highly regulated space. He worked on Forms I-526 and I-829 for Regional Center and Direct Investments, he was on the Compliance team ...

Announcing “EB-5 Office Hours” with the Behring Team – Live Q&A

Register Now Live EB-5 Q&A with Behring's Executive Team Get your questions answered direct from the source. Behring is now hosting “office hours.” If you have questions about the EB-5 process, Behring’s EB-5 project and investment options, join us live and hear directly from the Behring team. Behring strives to equip EB-5 investors with up-to-date ...