Can I use a loan for EB-5?

Yes, you may use loans to finance your EB-5 investment.

Loans are commonly used as one of the sources to meet the minimum EB-5 investment amount. The loan may be secured or unsecured. Loans are traditionally secured by the EB-5 investor’s personal assets, such a real estate, for a home mortgage loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC). But as a result of a federal court decision in October 2020, unsecured loans are now permitted, too.


Loans may be through a bank or finance lender, or a private lender. In the latter case, substantial documentation is necessary, including the written loan agreement, the lender’s income tax returns, and documentation how the lender accumulated the loaned funds. Additionally, USCIS may want to see evidence of lawful source of funds used to purchase the to purchase the asset providing security for a loan.

Behring’s affiliate, Unity Lender, a California licensed finance lender, offers qualified borrowers assistance in financing their EB-5 investments. Inquire for details.

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