How much does EB-5 cost?

In addition to the minimum investment amount, you should prepare for various costs and fees for your EB-5 application. The total cost and fees can range widely from around $40,000 to $90,000 and there are a lot of ways to minimize those costs.


There are 3 basic kinds of fees:

  • Government Fees (Non-Negotiable)
  • Legal Fees (Negotiable)
  • Administrative Fees (Negotiable)

The fees range widely because most of the costs are services performed by professionals including immigration attorneys, source of funds consultants, agents, brokers and other people whose fees are negotiable but range up or down based on the time required to complete the filing. The difficulty behind the case can raise prices too.


There are many ways to lower your final EB-5 cost and minimize fees. EB-5 investors who take the time to do proper EB-5 Investment Planning can maximize their savings. Investors can look at a few places to save on EB-5 fees such as simplifying the source of funds strategy, gathering and organizing documentation before talking to an attorney, minimizing installments or partial payment plans, using a specialized agent (if applicable), and planning around the timing of filing your petition (e.g. urgent filings), etc.


Click here for a sample cost schedule.


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