What is visa retrogression?

Retrogression (or visa backlog) occurs when the annual country visa quota is exhausted and where the total visa demand exceeds the annual visa limit.


This creates a visa backlog. Families from retrogressed countries must wait longer to receive the EB-5 visa. Currently, only applicants born in China face retrogression.


Congress is discussing potential EB-5 reform that might offer solutions to retrogression, including child age-out protection, premium processing, and granting work authorization and travel permit (EAD/AP) to allow EB-5 investors to live, work, and study in the US while they wait.


EB-5 investors whose spouse is not born in a retrogressed country can avoid visa backlog.


Behring’s Legacy Fund is an ideal EB-5 investment strategy for investors facing visa backlogs because they can generate wealth over time and potentially withdrawal earnings while maintaining EB-5 compliance.