How do jobs qualify for projects that are already under construction?

For the purposes of EB-5, only full-time permanent jobs count toward the job-creation requirement. Construction projects lasting over two years are able to include indirect jobs created through construction expenditures, operations as well as induced job creation through the economic stimulus to the community by the project’s development.


The advantage of an EB-5 investment through a project sponsored by a USCIS-approved regional center is that both indirect and induced job creation satisfies the green card requirement.


Indirect jobs creation based on construction expenditures are the simplest and most reliable means of demonstrating eligible EB-5 job creation through USCIS-approved economic models.


So long as the EB-5 investor’s funds are deployed to the EB-5 project while the project is still under construction, they are eligible for jobs created before and after the filing of their I-526 petition. Watch our video to learn more.

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