Must the entire amount be invested at the time of applying for an EB-5 visa?

Can EB-5 Investments Be Made in Installments?

Yes, it can be made in installments. According to EB-5 rules, the EB-5 investor must show that the EB-5 investment has been made or is actively in the process of being invested.


The entire amount of the EB-5 investment does not need to be invested at the time of filing the I-526 petition. But the investor must prove availability of the funds and their actual irrevocable commitment to fund the required capital amount. A mere intention to invest or plans for a future investment where there is no present commitment of the funds will not qualify.


For example, one may make a partial capital contribution $400,000 (plus fees) when filing their I-526 petition and sign a contract to commit to fund the additional $400,000 within up to 12 months. Investing in installments is allowable so long as the investment is completed prior to the USCIS review of the I-526 petition to avoid an Request for Evidence or a I-526 petition denial.


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