October Visa Bulletin Analysis for Fiscal Year 2024

The October Visa Bulletin for Fiscal Year 2024 has been released, marking the beginning of the new fiscal year. This is the first visa bulletin of Fiscal Year 2024 and resets the annual visa quotas for all visa preferences. It sets the expectations for the rest of the fiscal year. This bulletin is a critical ...

Behring Co. Welcomes Greg Sheehan, Former USCIS Adjudicator to the Team

Behring Co is excited to welcome Greg Sheehan as Director of EB-5 Investor Relations and USCIS Compliance. Greg was an adjudicator at IPO from 2018 to 2022 and developed extensive knowledge of this highly regulated space. He worked on Forms I-526 and I-829 for Regional Center and Direct Investments, he was on the Compliance team ...

EB-5 Litigation Update Post #8: USCIS reinstates Form I-526 from April 2019 with $500,000 investment amount: Too little too late for some.

Background: Behring Regional Center Vs. Chad Wolf et al. In November 2019, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program experienced regulation changes that would prove to instantly stall the program from being used to invest, create jobs and immigrate. The new regulations included new regulations and increased investor and operating requirements. Most notably, the minimum investment amount

Trump’s Order to Halt Immigration Does Not Apply to EB-5

President Trump issued an executive order on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 temporarily suspending immigration into the United States for 60 days. Importantly, the Proclamation exempts those immigrants entering the U.S. through the EB-5 program. See the full text of the proclamation here. EB-5 investors who are currently adjusting status or proceeding by consular processing may ...

USCIS EB-5 Policy Manual – Updated November 2019

USCIS is revising its policy guidance in the USCIS Policy Manual to align with the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization Final Rule, published on July 24, 2019, and effective Nov. 21, 2019. USCIS is updating the USCIS Policy Manual to conform with the final rule’s provisions, which include: Priority date retention for certain EB-5 immigrants;

EB-5 Source of Funds Now Accepts Unsecured Loans

USCIS Breakthrough Ruling It was released that USCIS’ EB-5 program is now accepting unsecured loans as a valid source of funds. EB-5 source of funds now accepting unsecured loans is a monumental shift in USCIS adjudication attitude. Previously all loans must have been sourced or with the investors own equity. This limited the arrangements to

USCIS just killed EB-5 expedited processing, naturally

USCIS I-526 Processing Times Will Likely Drop to 6 Months. Recent analysis of USCIS processing data revealed that I-526 adjudication will accelerate significantly. Our best estimate is that an I-526 petition filed in March 2019 will need approximately 6 months for adjudication. Our analysis can be viewed in our recently published article below: EB-5 I-526